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Monday, August 20, 2012

Stress + Tests = Welcome To AIT!

Update on  Fort Sam!  Along with AIT came the use of modern technology.  And while we have absolutely LOVED the phone calls and text messages from our boy, we are definitely missing those long descriptive and heartfelt letters.  It is so nice to be able to hear his voice  and makes it much easier to sense his sarcasm.  Ha Ha  But it might also make it easier for him to complain. (LOL...no, he hasn't been too bad).  He is LOVING being able to text his brothers and sisters!! 

All the boys are missing Benning.  And that seems to be pretty much unanimous around the other bases as well from what I gather from the other moms.  Son described Benning as that annoying girlfriend that you just can't stand to have around anymore, but once you break up with her you can't wait to have her by your side.  Benning...the one that got away??  Really?  Funny boys~  

It seems stress combined with tests is the new lifestyle at FSH.  Son was pretty uptight that first week of homework and tests.  They have to score an average of 80% on all tests to pass.  There's only one chance to makeup a failed test, and if you mess up the second time then the Army will automatically reassign your MOS (job).  And they can pick anything they want from a janitor to a truck driver.  Thus the stress.  He did awesome on the first test and even better on the second, so hopefully that's a sign of things to come.  The stress is still there, but I think he's settling into the swing of things.  I did have to remind him of a famous quote from Whinnie the Pooh, "Remember, you're braver than you know, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."  I told him not to diss Whinnie, that's one smart bear!  ;) His requests this week was for some of his movies (Saints and Soldiers, Indiana Jones, and Saving Private Ryan.  He said he needed something to do when his brain turns to mush from studying) and basketball shorts/shoes (he's really hoping to earn gym time this weekend...AND civilian clothes!)

He was also happy to be "awarded" a 4 hour on post pass this last Sunday.  They've been pretty much confined to their barracks, DEFAC (cafeteria), and classrooms until now.  He said a PX never looked so good.  I think he was most excited about the pizza and Mt. Dew!  Passing his third test and doing great on his PT (exercise) test this week will grant him an off base weekend pass! Fingers crossed for this one!!!  He's also looking forward to seeing the new Saints and Soldiers:Airborne  movie (it was going to be playing at the National Infantry Museum on the IMAX, he was a little bummed) and being able to go to church on Sunday.  He's only been able to attend once since being at FSH and says there were only 5 others from his unit that went as well....and all girls.  I told him that was pretty good odds....5-1.  Then he told me they were all married.  LOL....well...so much for those odds, but good to know he had someone to go with.

That's about it for the update.  Not too much going on except studying, testing, and more studying.  He was hoping Mom will be able to pull through with a HotSpot for the internet this week.  You'd think Uncle Sam would help supply these guys with free Wifi...but no go.  In fact, if you don't sign a contract then it's a whopping $10 a day ($300 a month).   Hmm....just wondering....does congress get free Wifi?  ;)  He is still happy to be where he is and is doing what he loves.....stress, tests, and all.  He says to tell everyone back home hello and letters and words of encouragement are still more than welcome  ;)

Be Safe - Be Good - Be Strong

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