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Monday, August 27, 2012

What Do You Love About Being a Military Mom/Dad?

Last week we went to our military families on FaceBook and asked them what they love about being a Military Mom/Dad.  Here's some of their responses:

"Better future for my son and his future family."
  ~L. Velez

"I love seeing the pride in my son's face and hear it in his voice when he talks about what he gets to do in the Army.  I love knowing that he is strong, and brave, and honorable; all the things I've tried so hard to instill in my children as they were growing up.  The love and compassion he feels for the human race and all things living makes me a very proud mom period!!!"
~ S. Hixon

"I love that my son has taken a step that he is proud of, that he is taking control of his life and reaching for a goal and a dream instead of wishing.  Mostly I am proud to hear him say "I believe" and is willing to show it in God and country."
~J. Guderian

"I love that my son is there for our country and our freedom if needed, and that he grew up even more than I thought he could.  I love how he looks and how he enjoys his family even more than he already did.  I love that he is there to help all other soldiers out if needs.  Most of all...I love that I'm so stinkin PROUD...HOOAH!"
~ S. McQuillen

"Besides meeting other wonderful military moms?  ;)  I love it when neighbors, friends, etc tell me; please tell your son thank you!  We appreciate his sacrifice and courage.  I am so proud of his decision (even though it wasn't an easy one on me and I still have days) and the soldier he has become."
~ D. Marble

"Even though my son has made it past BCT, I still listen to him tell me about the PT tests that he still has to pass, about the higher ranks that still give them a hard time...But I also HEAR the sense of pride in his voice that he's doing this.  He hasn't...and he won't give up.... 

It's an HONOR and a PRIVILEGE to be part of this elite family, and my son and the other soldiers make me such a proud mother."
~D. Davis

"What really struck me is how proud I was that "B" had and felt such a huge belonging and purpose.  My heart swells with pride when I see "B" in his uniform."
~C. Pajeau

"Proud to see my son become a man.  But as most parents, always worried because I'm not there to help if needed."
~J. Kent

"See how hard my son is working to achieve his goals makes me a very proud Army Dad."
~M. Dudash

"...Oh my, look how far our boys have soared!  Each moment of every day is filled with thoughts of love for our children.  But we can take solace in knowing they have grown into the men we were striving to help them be all through the years.  I've never been more proud and he always knows I am 100% with him no matter what!"
~ B. Mehelcic

"Watching son become the man he is ...and watching the soldier he is becoming has been a priceless "mom moment" that I wouldn't trade for the world...good days and bad!  I've said this a hundred times before....the Army didn't make me a proud mom...it just made me the proud mom of a soldier.  I love that he has direction in his life, that he gets to do what he has always wanted to do; help others, and that he puts his love for family, God, and country above all else.  He's a great example to our family and those around him.  He is by far one of my greatest blessings and one of my greatest teachers."
~K. Schofield

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