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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Craziness, Museum, and "The Stormin Mormon"!

National Infantry Museum
 Hey mom!
Craziness!  Yes, that's how to describe this last week.  First, there was no phone call on the 4th so you didn't miss it.  I just didn't get to have it.  It was scheduled but nobody knows why we weren't allowed to.  But we SHOULD have one this weekend.  I think because it's the end of White Phase.  The 4th celebration was good.  Just a TON! of junk food.  And the for the actual 4th - the National Infantry Museum!  That was one of the coolest museums I've ever been to, and it just so happens to be where they moved graduation to.  So I thought it'd be cool if we did that for a while and then I don't know what to do.  They say graduation should be over at 1030 or 11ish and then we have the rest of the day.  is there anything ya'll wanna do? 

"Stormin Mormon"
(*Not actual photo of Lance!)
Anyways...back to the 4th.  We had Pugil Stick Fights.  Kinda like American Gladiators.  I'm the Lightweight Champion of the company.  Ha ha...me..lightweight!  The cutoff was 170 and I'm at 168. They call me "The Stormin Mormon".  Archondous yelled it out during one of my fights and it seems to have stuck.  So that was a blast!  I hope they put up some pictures of it for you!  And yesterday we did Turn and Shoot and Night Fire.  Night Fire was awesome!  We got to shoot with night vision and lasers.  It was pretty cool!

Time seems to be flying lately.  3 weeks till I get to see ya!  Church today was awesome.  I got to teach one of the Sunday School lessons.  My class was 2 guys.  One was a recent convert from last January and the other was his non-member battle buddy.  It was really cool to be able to share my testimony with them as I taught, and they shared theirs back with me.  It was awesome when one of the guys started to share about what kind of changes he's been making since he started coming to church and trying to apply what he's learned.  One of the guys who has been coming to church with me from 4th platoon started taking the missionary lessons.  He's a pretty cool kid from Illinois (I think).  He's the only one who consistently comes to church with me from the company.
*NOTE:  (For those of you who may not know, before Lance left he wanted to make a career out of the Army and eventually become a Chaplain. We teased him that he would pick up the name "Deacon" or something similar somewhere along the line.  LOL...Stormin Mormon will do :)

Tomorrow we have our 8 mile road march.  It shouldn't be too rough and it's our last one before our 10 mile one that's required for graduation.  What all is going on back home?  What is everyone up to?  I've kinda lost my train of thought.  We had to go pick grass for 2 hours.  It wasn't bad and since it was in PT's (shorts and t-shirt) my legs were able to get some sun for once!  ha ha!  (He has the whitest little chicken legs ever!  Don't tell him we said that!)

I wrote to Stoa and Messina (his recruitors).  Thanks for sending their address.  Is Brody still meeting with them?  And tell Hunter to look up some ASVAB study guides on his kindle.  I don't think he's had all the math and science in school yet and this will help him get a higher score. Oh yeah, and could you ask the kids how Jon got my address??!

Anways...I heard a rumor that Steve Nash left Phoenix for the Lakers.  I hope that one isn't true, but that's just because I really hate the Lakers.  What other sports news is going on lately?  Anything good?  I miss ya'll a ton.  Can't wait to see ya in a few weeks.  Love ya,


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