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Monday, July 23, 2012

When You Need a Good Laugh....Call an Army Mom!!!

No letter in the last 11 days!!!  That's enough to drive a mom crazy!!  And I thought raising 5 teenagers would've done that long ago!!  With less than 10 days to go (time has flown by...but these last 2 weeks are slower than I could have imagined!) I know they have extra long training days and are trying to fit lots in.  That's what I keep telling myself anyways!  As I was venting to a fellow Army Mom, she came up with these letters to send to the boys.  She even sent them a home addressed stamped envelope!  All they have to do is fill in the blank and mail it off!  Thanks for making me laugh Fonnie!  It was MUCH needed !!!!  Here's the letters.  The first is the one she sent to the boys...the second is the one they need to send back.  Love you Fonnie!!!!!

Dear (check one)_____PVT _____PV2 _____SPC (insert name)_______________________________,
Your _____mom_____dad_____family_____friends, have missed hearing from you this week.  No
offense, the phone call was nice but we like getting mail too. Since we know you are busy training, we
have devised a way for you to let us know you are doing well, and provide us the gratification we rec.
when we find a letter from you waiting for us in the mailbox.  All you have to do is check the appropriate boxes, place in the enclosed stamp envelope and place it in the mail within 3 days.  Doing so will ensure happy faces back home.  Ignoring this request may result in a rainy day on your 10-mile ruck hike. (O.k., probably not, but just humorous and drop us a line would ya!) Just know that you are loved and missed.

_____Mom _____Dad_____The family_____Your friends_______Someone elses’s momma who did this with full approval of your own :O)

Dear (check one)_____Mom_____Dad_____Family_____Friends

I am (check one) _____good _____o.k._____not great_____still here by some miracle.

Tell (check one)_____mom _____dad (or insert other person here)_______________________
(insert option(s))______HI _____to send $ _____to send deodorant.

Thank you for the _______card _____letter _____prayers _____money _____care package.

I have to go, I'll write _____tomorrow _____this weekend_____next week_____whenever you send me another one of these fill in the blank forms :O)

 _____Your loving son _____your loving husband_____your friend.

 <<<<<Put your name right here and you’re done. Thank you :O)

Hope the boys get a big kick out of it like we did!!  What can I say, it's how we Army Moms roll! HOOAH! 
Love you boys!!!

Be Safe - Be Good - Be Strong

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