Welcome to Son to Soldier. We started this blog as a way to journal our son's journey to become a soldier and a medic in the U.S. Army (HOOAH!) This has been and continues to be an exciting adventure for our entire family. We have covered lots of new territory and continue to learn more and more every day. We will be posting son's letters, pictures, and will try to keep you updated. And I'm sure we'll also have lots of posts from Mom since she's just a tiny bit proud!! I LOVE being an ARMY MOM!

(*I absolutely hate having to put a big ole watermark on front of my photos. In order to keep from doing this, I ask that you please ask permission before copying or downloading pictures. Thanks :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Feeling Hot and Patriotic?

If you're feeling hot and a little on the patriotic side this week, try this Patriotic Punch!  Just add layers of Blue Gatorade, Cranberry Juice, and Diet Sierra Mist over ice cubes.  Yum AND fun!
*Hint:  Start with the beverage that has the MOST sugar and end with the beverage that has the LEAST sugar in order to get your layered look.  Otherwise it will all blend together and look like purple KoolAid!

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