Welcome to Son to Soldier. We started this blog as a way to journal our son's journey to become a soldier and a medic in the U.S. Army (HOOAH!) This has been and continues to be an exciting adventure for our entire family. We have covered lots of new territory and continue to learn more and more every day. We will be posting son's letters, pictures, and will try to keep you updated. And I'm sure we'll also have lots of posts from Mom since she's just a tiny bit proud!! I LOVE being an ARMY MOM!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Lessons of an Army Mom

Here's a list of a few things I've learned in my first 6 weeks of being an Army Mom:

1.  BCT (Basic Training) is the best of times, it's the worst of times!

2.  If Lance would have earned his Eagle Scout then he would have entered the Army as a Specialist      and not a Private.  (Bad Mom!  I should have pushed him harder...who knew?!)

3.  The Army has an acronymn for just about everything (and if we don't know what one means then we have a great time just making up our own!)

4.  My son actually does better when he's away from home and on his own.  (Hmm...mixed feelings!)

5.  The only thing that is quick in the Army is a Drill Sergeant's temper.

6.  The one thing in life quicker than a Drill Sergeant's temper is a Mama's temper when someone messes with the mail delivery!!!  (Someone LOST the mail room key??!!  Seriously??!!)

7.  Very few Americans know all of the words to the Star Spangled Banner  :(

8.  Uncle Sam is NOTHING without his Captain America nephews!!!

9.  The Army has not taught me patience...yet.

10.  I get irritated when folks don't stand when the flag passes by or put their hands on their hearts when they hear our National Anthem.  This even happens in church of all places!  Very sad.  Actually, this is not a new realization but was worth mentioning.

11.  Weeks without a letter are 14 days long!!! (Really!!  Pretty sure!!)

12.  See #9 again

13.  I can tell you the difference between "turning blue" and "turning green" - neither of which have to do with the flu!

14.  I can do hard things!

15.  My son looks way handsome in a uniform! (Biased opinion?  I think NOT!)

16.  My new favorite bible verse is 3John 1:4 - "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."

17.  I can tell military time faster than "regular" time.

18. Payback is not nice and her name is Carbine M4 which he now carries around with him constantly. When he was little I wouldn't let him  play with toy guns or watch Ninja Turtles on T.V.  He now carries an M4 rifle with him wherever he goes and wears a helmet known as a "turtle cap".  Ironic!!!

19.  I am not alone in this journey and have a much larger "family" than I ever could have imagined!

20.  I continue to learn something new about the Army, myself, and the people around me every day, so stay tuned!!

Love you son!!!!
Be Safe - Be Good - Be Strong!

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