Welcome to Son to Soldier. We started this blog as a way to journal our son's journey to become a soldier and a medic in the U.S. Army (HOOAH!) This has been and continues to be an exciting adventure for our entire family. We have covered lots of new territory and continue to learn more and more every day. We will be posting son's letters, pictures, and will try to keep you updated. And I'm sure we'll also have lots of posts from Mom since she's just a tiny bit proud!! I LOVE being an ARMY MOM!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Out With The White, In With The Blue!

It's been a long time since any words have meant more than "END OF PHASE PHONE CALL"!  Happy to report that events surrounding this call weren't nearly as dramatic as the first one, but still exciting just the same!  The entire family was in the car on our way to lunch.  Where you might ask?  Kneader's....which just happens to be one of Lance's favorite hotspots, so it was pretty fitting that he called on the way there.  And my heart still comes to a complete halt when my phone rings and I see that Georgia area code!  I was afraid the call would drop if I put him on speaker (sometimes smart phones really AREN'T that smart!) so everyone just leaned over the seats and tried to listen in.  I think he was a little overwhelmed at first when everyone started yelling into the phone at the same time!  It was great to hear his voice, even though he sounded completely exhausted.  I'm pretty sure if he were to be laying down he would've been talking in his sleep.  He said they spent the night before in foxholes and taking shifts every hour.  I told him he was old schooling it.  He said, "VERY old school!"  He's excited to be done with White Phase and on to Blue.  Come on now, we all know he just really wants to blow things up!  Ya'll know how boys love those big toys!  He's excited for graduation.  I think we all are!  It's been a great little ride, but we're pretty ready to close this chapter and start the next.  We talked about what to get him for a graduation present.  He's totally clueless!  I asked him if he'd like a G Shock watch (it seems to be all the rage and what a lot of parents/spouses are getting their guys for graduation), but he said a $10 watch from Walmart would be just great.  Really?  Is this my boy?  Now I know for SURE he was talking in his sleep!!!  It didn't sound like all of his mail had caught up with him yet, but ya'll can keep writing until Thursday of this week (I myself will be writing longer just in case).  If he leaves for AIT before his mail reaches him, they will just send it back "Return To Sender".  So don't be alarmed if your mail comes back that way.  And for heaven's sake don't think it was Lance that sent it back to you  :)  And as always the time ticked away way too fast.  It was 5 minutes to the very second when he said he had to go!  We all laughed at that.  The Army keeps time better than the Swiss!! (I later found out a lot of the guys talked above and beyond the alotted 5 minutes because the DS's weren't watching too closely.  Not our Lance....he was either worried about obeying rules and staying out of trouble or else he was being considerate of the guys in line behind him...either way it made me proud to hear.  And I was grateful for those 5 little minutes.)  I told him I would always be proud of him no matter what.  Hope he knows I've always been a proud mom...the Army has just made me a proud mom of a soldier!  Love you son!

Be Safe - Be Good - Be Strong

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