Welcome to Son to Soldier. We started this blog as a way to journal our son's journey to become a soldier and a medic in the U.S. Army (HOOAH!) This has been and continues to be an exciting adventure for our entire family. We have covered lots of new territory and continue to learn more and more every day. We will be posting son's letters, pictures, and will try to keep you updated. And I'm sure we'll also have lots of posts from Mom since she's just a tiny bit proud!! I LOVE being an ARMY MOM!

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Saturday, June 30, 2012

You Know You're an Army Mom When...


You cried when you heard the little neighbor kid sing Yankee Doodle.

Everything you've purchased in your closet lately seems to be Red, White, or Blue (or Army green/khaki).

You can understand EVERYTHING they talk about on "Army Wives".

Anything you see at the store that is camo is "so cute".

Your favorite song is now The Star Spangled Banner and you bawl like a baby when you hear it (Boy am I in trouble when the Olympics roll around next month and I don't even want to THINK about how I'm gonna get through the 4th of July parade!!!).

You start checking the Echo Company Facebook page every 30 minutes just for an update or a new photo.  (Okay...let's be realistic....if I have my phone close by then it's a lot more than every 30 minutes).

You scan those photos for hours and blow them up x100 just to see a glimpse of your soldier's roster number on the front of their helmet....it doesn't even matter if you see their face!

You stalk the mailman.

You wear a bracelet proudly engraved with ARMY MOM and the name of your soldier.

Your number of Facebook friends has grown by the dozens overnight because you realize you have a "new family" and it seems like you've known them all forever.

You start talking in acronyms; How is your SIT in BCT?  What is his MOS and where is he going for AIT?

You know NBC day is a bad thing...and that it doesn't mean reruns of Seinfeld, Friends, or ER.

You stop and look at the picture wall of service men and women every time you leave Walmart.


You PROUDLY display a "Mother's Flag" (service flag) in your window and hold back tears of pride and joy every time you walk by.

Yep, I'm PROUD to say..... I AM AN ARMY MOM!!!!!!!!

(Oh...and you actually KNOW what hooah means and why they say it!!  :)

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