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Monday, June 25, 2012

Fastest 5 Minutes Ever!

Remember when our son wrote that he could call sometime this weekend?  Well, I'm pretty sure I have a new ulcer just from all the anxiety of waiting and wondering!!! I made sure I stayed home ALL day on Friday.  We were going a little stir crazy on Saturday and it was so hot and yucky that everyone decided they wanted to go to a movie  (Brave...way cute...and highly recommended!).  No big deal, right?  Cell phones work in movie theaters, right?  WRONG!!!  As soon as we get into the theater I take my phone out to set it to vibrate so on the off chance that he called during the movie I could run out the door without interrupting the other patrons too much.  I was really pretty much at peace with the thought that morning that he may or may not call and I really would be fine either way.  That is until I saw all those big red bars on my phone with the words NO SERVICE printed under them.  Then I went into mild panic.   Are you kidding me?  Don't they know that babysitters can have emergencies, accidents happen, and SOLDIERS IN TRAINING ARE CALLING THEIR MOMS??? I don't think I've ever prayed so hard in my life!!  I prayed for two things....#1 I asked Heavenly Father to PLEASE randomly make this phone ring IF he called, and #2 IF he did get to call then please PLEASE don't let him call until AFTER the movie.  (And did I tell you it was such a darling movie??)  So the movie ends, we walk out of the theater to the car, turn the corner and........THE PHONE RINGS!!!  I look down and it's a 706 area code (Georgia)!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!!  We couldn't have been out of the theater for more than 3 or 4 minutes.  Once again, never underestimate the power of prayer...no matter how miniscule you think it might be!

It was good to hear his voice, even though he had a really bad cold (he tried to tell me it was nothing, but I've learned from other's moms since talking to him that a few of the boys have pneumonia!  UGH!) and hardly HAD a voice and he sounded a little reluctant to talk.  He said he was good, reassured us once again that he absolutely loved it and was excited to be there, and that he was happy to be done with Red Phase.  He said White Phase will consist mostly of shooting on the range and he's excited at the thought of being able to have Gatorade on the range.  He said he didn't really have a "best friend", but that the whole platoon is really good friends as a whole.  And he's excited for us to come out to graduation.  His only request was for sun screen that is sweat proof.  Poor kid!  He said to tell everyone hello and that he loves and misses everyone.  He did say letters are MUCH appreciated!!!  Then he said his five minutes were up..I yelled "love you Bud" and I went to say something else and he said, "Mom, it's the Army and 5 min is 5 min.  Love you, miss you, bye."  The fastest 5 minutes of my life!!!!  

Love you so much Bud!!  And since I didn't have a chance to say it on the phone.....
Be Safe - Be good - Be strong!!

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