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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mom's Letter

Hey Mom,
I had a few minutes so I thought I'd let you know how I'm doing.  They just gave us all of our ballistic stuff - magazines, helmets, and bullet proof vest.  So now nobody should be able to shoot me.  Ha Ha
But things are good.  The Drill Sgts are strict but fair.  We have a good platoon so we aren't getting smoked too much.  My new assigned battle buddies are Rodriguez and Reed.  Rodriguez is a cool guy from L.A. and Reed is from Philly.  Reed is a 68W like me and we get along really well.  Rodriguez is a 25Q communications specialist.  I hope you guys are doing good.  I miss everybody a lot.  It was gret to talk to you on the phone.  I wish it could've been longer.  I can't wait to hear from you guys, but please don't send any empty letters (Hunter!).  MRE's aren't half bad.  I had pulled chicken w/buffalo sauce.  Really tasty but kinda spicy too.  We should be getting our weapons tomorrow, but I don't think we start shooting for a while - like maybe 3 weeks.  It's crazy to think it's only 60 days to graduation.  They say that this one is one of the best that the Army has to offer, so if you guys want - but I don't know how you want to do it - I'd rather have ya'll at this one than at Ft. Sam.  But that's just me - it's all up to you guys.  Either way.  I love ya'll and I'm missing you tons.  Attached I have the way to send me mail.

So we got our weapons today.  I have an M4 Carbine Rifle.  It's pretty cool, but we don't get to shoot it for a few more weeks.  So we had to start wearing our helmets today.  They weigh about 8 lbs and we have to wear it from breakfast to dinner.  So from about 7 am to 6 pm.  Wake up is usually at 0430 if our platoon doesn't screw up and have to get up earlier.  But luckily we haven't had that yet.  While waiting for dinner today Drill Sergeant asked if anyone knew the National Anthem and I was the only one that raised their hand.  So I ended up having to sing a solo for the entire company (about 200 soldiers).  Amazingly enough it wasn't that bad and I think I lucked out and got some extra help from the Holy Ghost in being able to remember it all.  Speaking of church, the company lost Sunday privileges this week so no church this Sunday.  I'm really bummed out about that one.  But we get to go next week for sure.  It's been amazing how much of my mission experience has been able to help me out here.  Everything from how to pack a crap ton of stuff into a ruck sack to helping other guys deal with disappointment and homesickness.  So far I'm having a really good time here.  Yeah, getting smoked every once in a while sucks, but for the most part the platoon does really good so it doesn't happen too often.  I friggin (must be a Georgian word!) love you guys and miss you tons!
Love, Lance

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