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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Package Delivered! Thanks and Roger That!

Hey Mom,
I just go the package!  Thanks a million and like 5, because you just saved my face from 2nd degree murder by dull razors - ha ha!  That, and since I have to open my packages in front of everyone, they all have a joke about how my packages are filled with underwear.  You're awesome and I love the packages  :)  You should try to send some of the pictures that are getting posted on Facebook because we all wanna see what they look like since we can't access them.  They sound really cool and I bet it was awesome to see the things I described in my letters.  We start shooting our rifles tomorrow, and our company was specially selected to be visited by a Major General, so that's a really cool honor.  We're all stoked about it!  What's this about Hunter and the Marines?!  Come on Bud!  You gotta go ARMY if you're gonna join the military!

Hey, just a quick jump back to my last thought, but did I tell you about how our company isn't regular BCT?  We're an experiment in trying to see of other MOS's can train like infantry does.  So our whole unit is infantry - like our Drill Sergeants, Officers, and what not.  So it's cool because we're doing a lot of things that don't normally get done in regular BCT.

Lately it seems almost everyone has has been asking me about my religion.  It's been so cool to answer all the different questions that everyone has.  Somebody even asked to borrow my Book of Mormon.  Warren, he's an awesome dude from Memphis.  He's a Buddhist but he's curious about some things.  So he asked if he could borrow my book.  Speaking of which, could you possibly send me some really good church talks.  "Come What May and Love It" by Elder Wirthlin, and possibly a few others?  I wish you could send a whole Ensign but magazines are contraband.  So you can still just print off some of those talk for me.  That would be awesome!

That's really cool that you've made friends with Tepper's mom !  :)  He's an awesome dude - one of my favorites in the platoon.  He was our "casualty" during the First Aid Training so we had to carry him all over that hill! But it was still a blast - and we never even dropped him!!  I joked that for the rest of his career he doesn't ever get to be a casualty again because he was heavy enough the first time.  He laughed and joked back with me sayin he hoped he never will be!

Things here are a blast!  I can totally see why people in the Army say that this is one of the best times - well, let me take that back.  They say that about AIT, but most of the guys here are going to Ft. Sam with me.

Nicki, thanks for the sports update.  It was awesome!  I really needed that and I really hope the Thunder win the finals!  Heck, they should win just because I can't watch any of it!  I love you guys a ton!  Thanks for the letters.  Mail is one of the best things in my day.  I love hearing from you guys! :)

We've been shooting everyday this week so far.  It's been a lot of fun - well - at least when we're shooting.  When we aren't shooting it really sucks because we just PRACTICE shooting for the next 8 hours - laying in the sun watching Drill Sergeants drink Gatorade.  Speaking of Drill Sergeants, we got our new Senior Drill Sergeant back, Drill Sergeant Love.  So far he seems like a really fair guy.  He expects a lot out of us though.  So it might take us a little bit to get used to having to be at best all the time.  But I'm pretty sure we'll be all the better for it.

I just got your letter from the 15th.  Glad to know that you're gonna make it.  I don't know Landers or the other guy because most of the platoons don't like us, but that's just because we've got the best Drill Sergeants - and they know it.  haha  They really treat us with a lot of respect while still teaching us and enforcing discipline.  With White Phase coming up, it sounds like there will be more freedoms and we get to have Gatorades at the firing range!!!

Anyways, I love getting your letters!  It's great to get them - definitely makes my day some days.  I'm missing ya'll and can't wait to see you come graduation!

Love,  Lance

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