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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Milkshakes, Shooting and Celebrating!

Hey Mom,

Things here are still going great! Red Phase is officially over!!  We were rewarded with a milkshake, which is super awesome since it's the first real sugar we've been able to have since we got here.  The only problem is that since we aren't used to having milk cause all we drink is water and Gatorade mix, we all ended up with super bad gas. Other than the gas, the milkshake was amazing.

So far White Phase is a little different - we have a little more control over ourselves but it also means a lot less tolerance for when we mess up.  It was great to talk to you.  You have no idea just how good it felt to hear your voice and to be able to talk.

Shooting is great!  Who knew I was a decent shot?  We get to start qualifications at the end of the week and then I don't have to wear that stupid helmet everywhere I go.  Ha Ha  I'm just excited about all sort of little things lately!  But I guess that's what happens when you don't have much control over what you do or eat or when you can sleep.  I never thought I'd be so excited to sleep in till 6!  Ha Ha!

How are things back home?  Really good I hope.  What do ya'll have planned for the 4th?  We're gonna go to the Infantry Museum.  It's supposed to be really cool.  I hope that the Drill Sergeants have some stories to share about deployments and stuff like that.  I can't believe BCT is almost half over Wednesday!  Time just flew by.  From talking to the guys at church, Blue Phase is the most fun because we'll be shooting moving targets and doing lots of cool tactical stuff, AND GRENADE THROWING!!!  Ha Ha  Can you tell I'm excited?!  Honestly, I just wanna blow something up!  I'd say I might buy a gun to have at home to go to the shooting range.  I'm sure that one scared you and your first thought was "don't spend all your money" and "you don't need one".  Ha Ha

So new information...BREAKING NEWS...This just in...another phone call on the 4th!!!  White Phase is freaking awesome!  So I get to call again after we finish up at the Infantry Museum, and this Saturday we get to have a huge celebration on the main post.  We are all way stoked about the next few weeks!

Church was good today.  One of the speakers was a kid I went to Viewmont (High school) with and I worked with him at Lowe's too!  So it was cool to see someone I know 2000 miles away from home.  I guess that's just the coolest thing about the Church; there's always some way to feel at home so far away.  I just got Nicki's letter so I'll try to write her as soon as I've got some more time.  What else is going on back home?  How are the boys?  Nicki?  Dennis?  Everybody?!  I miss ya'll a bunch.  I'll write ya'll again as soon as I can.

Love you, Lance

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