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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NBC Chamber & Family Prayer

NBC Chamber - Note:  These are NOT photos from his actual Unit
Hey Everybody!!!  

Well today was the NBC Chamber (gas).  Yeah, it totally sucked!  I didn't puke though!  They had us eat breakfast 10 minutes before we had to go in.  But...back to the Chamber...Those masks work pretty well.  The part that sucks is when you have to take them off and say your name, rank and social...that is if you can get that far.  One guy from our platoon freaked out and attacked one of the Drill Sergeants to try to get out, so as punishment we had to do it a second time.  And that really sucked!!!  I hated doing that even more than having to eat carrots!  Ha Ha!  I had so much mucus pouring outta my face, and I still don'g have a voice now.  No worries though cause it's over now, but once I get to my unit after AIT I'll have to do it once a year!  I'm already coughing just thinking about it!

We get to do Land Navigation tomorrow, so we'll see just how lost I'll end up in the woods out here.  They are beautiful though.  Tons of pine trees, but they are totally different than the kind in Spokane.  These are way tall and skinny except at the top they look like a normal pine tree.  
More MRE's for lunch today.  It seems like I've gotten the same one the last four times (Spicy Penne Pasta).  I always keep hoping I'll get the Buffalo Chicken again.  I'm excited for Land Navigation (haha I'm trying to go back to my original thought).  They're gonna give us coordinates, a compass, and a map and we have to find 3 different points out in the woods.  Kinda like the Army version of The Amazing Race.  It should be really fun!

Time here is flying, how is home?  That's awesome about Nicki and her new job at Boondock's!  And Hunter and football?!  That's awesome!  Can't wait to hear about that one!  I just got more of your letters!  Thanks for the pictures!  They're great!  haha  Frosted Flakes!!!  That one was for Nicki!  The letter from Elder Oaks was really cool.  It's been great to get all of your letters so far.  By the way...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DENNIS!!!  Thanks for all the years of advice and support!  Honestly, most of the lessons you've taught me have had application to something that I've done here.  You're the best father anyone could ever ask for!

So, back to what all I've been up to lately.  The overnighter was cool but super exhausting because we spent the whole first day rolling around in the dirt and the woods learning how to bound and cover.  That was a lot of fun.  And then we had to sleep on an ant hill.  It was pretty funny to have all the guys freak out about a bunch of ants.  Ha Ha!  Then we woke up and did it all over again all day long!  But overall time seems to be flying!  It almost feels like I never have enough time in a day.  I miss you guys, a lot! Especially at church today...They had a cool idea to have you all to have family prayer at the same time I pray so it's like we're all praying together.  I usually pray at 2130, which is 9:30 here.  So it'd be like 6:30 there  (He's wrong...it's 7:30 Utah time) and I know that's right around dinner time and all ya'll are probably super busy, but it seemed like a really cool idea.  Schwarz came to church with me again.  He's a really good guy, but he's struggling a little (he explains a little).  I'm really trying hard to help him stay positive and to try to tough it out.  I really hope he stays.  Sundays here are nice because we have church and most of the day is personal time.  So I use most of it to write letters and to do laundry.  Speaking of letters, Tanner, I got your letter buddy.  I loved the pictures - especially the Drill Sergeant.  You pretty much nailed that one...ha ha.  I have it hanging in my locker with all my family photos too!  

Red Phase isn't over as soon as I thought it was gonna be.  It won't end until somewhere close to the 22nd, so it's gonna be a little longer on that phone call.  But don't worry we haven't totally screwed up to lost that one yet!  I really hope you guys are doing good.  I love hearing from ya'll.  Tell all the aunts, uncles, cousins and Gramma and Grandpa I say hi and I'm doing good here.  Let Gramma know I got her letter.  I friggin love you guys!  I miss ya'll tons, and I can't wait to see ya'll at graduation!

Love, Lance
P.S.  The dog tag is for Tanner since he wrote me first!  (He sent a dog tag with a picture of the Salt Lake City LDS Temple on it.  It's just like the one he wears to identify his religion and whom to contact in case of emergency....except this one is plastic.  And by the way...  Mom wrote to him first  ;)

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